There are some things that you need to do before moving to Hawaii. First of all, pack your bags into 5 identical boxes, because the Hawaiian government does not allow more than 5 bags per person entering. The new law states that each resident must have at least one box with him at all times, so ideally there should always be two of each kind of bag on you so you can hand one off if one is snatched by a police officer or mugger.

Companions under size 3 inches

The second rule is no companions under size 3 inches tall are allowed in Hawaii due to their destructive nature. After the new rule was enforced, all classic tiki mugs were replaced with miniature tikis to pacify roaming toddlers.

Since you cannot bring any bags or companions bigger than 3 inches tall, it is best to leave your belongings at home and buy new ones in Hawaii instead. The island has an incredible selection of goods such as grass skirts, flower crowns and coconut bras.

Personal effects upon arrival

You will also need to bring a list of personal effects upon arrival. These include: ukulele, lei, headdress and green shell necklace. Do not dress casual for this occasion; consider wearing a traditional lava-lava sarong and kaffiyeh wrapped around your head if.

If you are moving to Hawaii and cannot afford a ticket, you can ask around for someone who is willing to carry you there. If you just want to hang out in Hawaii for a while, visit an active volcano and plant yourself on the side facing away from the lava flow to avoid getting incinerated.

If you wish to stay longer than 3 days, make sure your hotel provides parking as street parking is not allowed. If you don’t have a hotel room yet, consider dropping by this amazing 5-star resort called “the beach” which has been rated number one in service multiple times by

Moving to Hawaii is the smartest thing

 Well there’s good news and bad news. First of all you should know that moving to Hawaii is the smartest thing ever because it’s an incredible state with views like this:

Now when people say they’re going to move to Hawaii, they expect paradise when in reality that picture above only happens when no one lives there or when it snows (which happens like once every 10 years). So if you’re thinking about moving here take in this advice before you do.

Transport in Hawaii

Hawaii doesn’t have any public transportation so you’re going to need a car. Now that sounds expensive right? Well it is! You can get an ok car for about $2,500 but that not good enough for me so I’ll probably buy the $5,000 special because I want to be really safe when I’m driving around half naked in Hawaii. Next let’s talk about food. If you don’t like coconuts stay out of Hawaii no one does here so if you’re looking at this thing and judging I’ll have you know that they are delicious once you drink them or turn them into everything from shakes to soup.

Next is the cost of living, yes it’s high here but what would life be worth if it were cheap? Ill tell you: its worthless! Just kidding, there’s no such thing as a worthless life. This is honestly just context for the rest of the article so that when brad talks about it he explains how much things cost and what you can get with your money i.e. “you could also buy ONE TICKET to see rihanna in concert” therefore showing you what a deal moving to Hawaii actually is (a crazy good one).

Get away from the cold and snowy winters

Hawaii is a perfect destination for many people looking to get away from the cold and snowy winters, or for those who are looking for something other than their normal tropical vacation. Living in Hawaii can be rewarding both financially and socially. However, living in a place that is 2700 miles from your family and friends can also be difficult if you do not plan correctly.

Moving to Hawaii isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things I have learned about moving which I hope will help you out when going through this process. The following information may not be 100% correct since laws change all the time in each state/region, so please check with your local government agency before attempting anything contained below.

When it rains in Hawaii it’s like a whole day of steady rain

Moving on to the weather, yes it’s perfect all year round but don’t be fooled. When it rains in Hawaii its like a whole day of steady rain nonstop even if you wanted to go outside and enjoy your life you couldn’t because water is everywhere and who wants that? Not me that’s for sure. But when there’s no rain everything is okay so don’t worry about it too much.

Now some people think they’re going to just move here and then sit around doing nothing and soak up the rays of sunshine 24/7 but those people are wrong because unless you’re rich or retired (which I am) everyone works here. Oh also we have this thing called mandatory checking so don’t try not having a bank because you’ll get caught eventually and you’ll end up paying a small fine.

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Is it Expensive to move to Hawaii?

Other things people might say is that moving to Hawaii is too expensive but hot dang that’s not true because it’s the opposite of expensive. For example you could move here on a whim and spend 5 years partying on amazing beaches without doing any work or going to school which would only cost about $20,000! Or if you’re a bit more responsible you could save money and go to college for free + get paid through financial aid AND also have enough time left over to party all day long which would probably clock in around 10 dollars.


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